Located in New Town St. Charles.
Fall/Winter- Serving Chili, See Link Below
Call Us: 636-484-4326

Our History

Welcome to Molly O’s!

All year round we are happy to serve you at our shack or we can come to your event with our custom catering.
Whether it is a deliciously cool shaved ice sno cone in the hot St. Louis summers . . .
Or sweet homemade chili to keep you warm in the winters, let Molly-O’s take care of you.
At Molly-O’s, we take pride in making the best sno cones and the sweetest homemade chili, combined with great service, for our wonderful customers.

Please take a moment and browse our website. We look forward to serving you, your family and your friends.

Molly-O’s Tropical Sno

If you build it . . . they will come.

After watching two friends, Vita & Travis, open their own Tropical Sno stand, and after a lot of encouragement, Molly & Steve decided to open Molly-0’s Tropical Sno.

With wonderful support from our family (whether it was Timmy with his tools, Colleen & Pat with their generosity, or a sympathetic ear from brothers & sisters) the shack was built and opened in June 2010. With thanks to our loyal customers and our great crew, our windows open up every March.

Molly-O’s Chili Shack

What’s in a name?

Our story is based on one name–Margaret. Way back in the mid 90’s, Molly (Margaret) and a group of her close friends were gearing up for a day of watching football and making chili. Molly’s friend, Meg (Margaret), asked her Mom, Maggie (Margaret) for a recipe. Maggie shared some secrets and after years of tweaking it here and there, the idea for the Chili Shack was born. With Maggie’s blessing and some help from a lifelong friend, Peggy (Margaret), Molly-O’s Chili Shack opened in November, 2011.